In the edition of 2015 important improvements have been included both for visitor and for management fair.

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Both together with SEGITUR we renew the official App of world’s most important international tourism fairs, with new and surprising improvements and a new positioning system more exact.

Logotipo Onthespot

Development of an integrated retail-focused business system.

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Neuromobile’s worth  has been rapid. Our technology  and customer focus has attracted the attention of some big name like Telefónica, with which we are working since December 2013, in the development and commercialization of On The Spot, a system focuses on retail, that provides a new channel of communication and marketing to your customers.

Logotipo de Cisco

Improvement of the indoor positioning system (Mobility Services Engine), to integrate measurement, loyalty and communication, in a unique tool.

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CISCO issued us a challenge: add value to its indoor positioning system (Mobility Services Engine). All is said and done, Neuromobile is integrated with this system and implemented in a pilot wherein the potential of these two technologies can be shown, measurement, loyalty and communication, in a  unique tool applicable to a great number of sectors such as tourism, distribution, corporate y retail. Neuromobile is now developing with CISCO European partners a number of projects aimed at the tourism sector outside our borders.

Logotipo Fitur

Development of the official application of the fair, including an innovative system of trade data analyses.

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At the request of Sociedad Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas (SEGITTUR), we developed the FITUR official App, one of world’s most important international tourism fairs and the most important in the country.

The App attracted a great deal of media attention and among those present, due to the innovative feature of the system and the data analyzed, with over 60 exhibitors and 200.000 impressions  of consumption proposals.

Logotipo de Sonae Sierra

Development of applications to several shopping malls, offering an innovative smart recommendations system.

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Neuromobile has developed the application for several shopping malls managed by this international group. All of them fully customized, offering an innovative smart recommendations system to the customer, based on their tastes and habits inside the shopping mall, additionally a voucher program, and a measurement of marketing actions something which up to now was impossible. These Apps are among the most downloaded.

Technological European partner for the creation a unique management platform that allows real-time decision making.

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Neuromobile has become the European Technology Partner to create a unique platform that brings great value to manage the centre, enabling decision-making in real time in different departments, thanks to customer’s knowledge and future actions based on the ability to compare with other shopping malls that the group manages.