Big Soul, big innovation.

Neuromobile is an innovation and development company, formed by a multidisciplinary team who have added the knowledge and experience acquired to provide technological management solutions – easy to apply and user-friendly-  in retail, shopping mall, tourism and cities sectors.

The company achieved its first success in 2011, when it received the award for the seeds of its product in StartupWeekend Kauffman Foundation. This would be the first of a long list of awards, which they have encouraged us to continue working to implement solutions as required by each client.

This is the spirit of Neuromobile, big innovation.


We create solutions tailored to your customers.

A really well known project.

Logotipo premio actualidad económica
Actualidad Económica 100 Best Ideas Award 2013

Neuromobile was distinguished by Actualidad Económica as one of the “100 best ideas of the year”, in the Advertising and Marketing category for its ability to increase the income of their customers.

Logotipo de Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend 2011

The origin of Neuromobile. In this event the founder team had the opportunity to meet and develop, in less than 54 hours , a project that won the competition and allowed them to found the company.